Small Business Funding for Manufacturing Companies - Fast, Easy and Convenient $2,000 - $350,000

  • High Approval Rates
  • Bad Credit OK
  • No Credit Card Processing Required
  • 3 - 24 Month Terms*
  • Flexible Payments
  • Cash In As Little As 3 Days
*SBA programs with longer terms available for qualified applicants

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Our goal is to help small and mid-sized manufacturing business owners by providing them with a simple and convenient alternative to a traditional bank loan. We aim to help you keep your business going and growing.

Funding Size $2,000 - $350,000+
Funding Terms 3 to 24 months*
Payment Automatic daily debits from your business bank account / merchant account
Collateral No personal collateral required. Pledge of only business assets
Timing Your quote will arrive as fast as 24 business hours and money in your account as fast as 3 business days.
Eligible Business Oil companies and over 200 other business types from accountants to doctors to construction, retail and manufacturing
Use of Funds Can be used for most business purposes
* SBA programs with longer terms available for qualified applicants
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Small Business Financing for Manufacturing Companies

Manufacturing businesses traditionally have high cash needs to maintain day-to-day operations. Materials, supplies, labor, insurance and transportation expenses all typically precede payment for the manufactured goods and if payment isn't received in a timely manner or the initial order requirements are larger than normal, this can put a major financial strain on your business. Having ready access to quick capital for investing in these materials and supplies for the manufacturing process is paramount to your business success. Added advertising, location renovations, more staffing, storage and other periodic expenses also continue to require cash infusions at regular intervals. The need for business funding for manufacturing companies may arise for any one of these or several other reasons, but for whichever of these needs comes up you still need to find the best funding source and many times a traditional bank is not the best answer.

Getting a conventional bank loan for a manufacturing company can be difficult. Even if the bank tells you that you are a good candidate for a small business financing, they require piles of paperwork and hours upon hours of your time that you should be using to run your business. Once the process starts with a traditional bank, it can be several weeks or even months before you get the funding you need, which puts your projects and needs even further behind.

Small Business Financing for Manufacturing Companies - Fast and Easy with

It's commonly known that getting business funding for manufacturing companies is often difficult when using traditional channels, but getting your small business financing can now be quick and easy with the emergence of alternative funding companies like You can start now by completing the short online form above and as long as you meet a few basic qualifications, (NO minimum credit score required), one of our account executives will contact you to walk you through the rest of the process step-by-step. There is very little paperwork required and you could have your cash request funded in just a few days rather than the weeks or even months it could take with a traditional lending institution.

There are no minimum credit card processing nor hard assets required as collateral. At we look at the entirety of the business and its positive cash flow in order to make a favorable decision for your manufacturing company business funding. Although doesn't fund startup businesses, any business with at least 1 year of operations and cash flow can be considered for a small business funding. Get started now by completing the short form at the top of this page